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Jacksonville Computer Crimes Attorney

It is important for any person charged with a crime involving a computer to contact me, Thomas M. Bell. For 30 years, I have fought the many issues that arise with computers, including whether law enforcement has the right under the 4th amendment to search electronic devices which may contain your most personal information.

Over the last several years computer crimes most often involve the defense of child pornography and the use of a computer to solicit minors for sex charges. If you are accused of one of these crimes, my experience in handling these cases can help you.

Do not speak with law enforcement without skilled legal counsel by your side. Anything you say could be held against you. To discuss your legal options with me in a free consultation, call 904-354-0062.

Child pornography cases are almost always prosecuted in federal court. These offenses often carry minimum terms of imprisonment and federal sentencing guidelines for these offenses often recommend sentences far greater the minimum. A conviction may result in a requirement that you register as a sex offender. My skills in challenging search warrants, and other issues related the admissibility of evidence, are critical to protecting your rights. My many years of experience in understanding the complexity of the sentencing guidelines are important to put you in the best position possible if you are convicted.

A more recent trend concerns the prosecution of charges which involve using a computer to solicit minors for sex and traveling for purposes of sex with a minor after using a computer to solicit the minor. Both are serious offenses under both federal and state law. State prosecutors recently have been actively pursuing these types of sting operations.

My ability to identify issues such as double jeopardy, entrapment and other issues related to challenging the evidence and where necessary presenting your defense to a jury can help you in court.

A Duval County Cyber Crimes Lawyer with Proven Litigation Experience

Computers and Other Criminal Activity

Prosecution for activity related to the use of a computer, much like the role of computers in everyone’s lives, has significantly increased in recent years. A computer, smart phone, or tablet can be a tool for many types of conduct which results in criminal prosecution, for example drug trafficking, various kinds of fraud, and other activity. The vast storage capacity of a computer can become a source of evidence against you. Police often look at your contact lists, voice messages, text messages, and photographs if you are being investigated or have been arrested.

To discuss your case with me in a free consultation, call 904-354-0062 or contact me online.


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