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For 30 years, I, Thomas M. Bell, have represented people of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida at every step of the criminal justice process. The later stages of the process are referred to as the appeal or post-conviction process.

Developing Issues for Appeal

An appeal is where the litigant directly challenges the judgment and sentence of the lower court. Most often in criminal cases this happens after the individual is convicted after trial. The trial court may have permitted the jury to consider evidence which should not have been admitted, or conversely refused to allow evidence the jury should have had an opportunity to consider, or improperly instructed the jury on the law. There are many procedural barriers to perfecting an appeal. My 30 years of extensive trial experience in state and federal courts can help you identify issues and develop the arguments necessary to most effectively present your case to higher courts on appeal.

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Opportunity for Post-Conviction Relief

Citizens, many judges, and even politicians are beginning to understand laws which mandate significant prison sentences for people can be unnecessarily harsh and even cruel. Many courts and legislators are reviewing, and in some instances amending laws which mandate prison sentences without consideration for the individual mitigating circumstances for the person. These changes in the law may provide an opportunity for relief for those who received unreasonably harsh sentences. This process is one type of post-conviction relief.

Experience in Trial and Appellate Courts

Post-conviction relief can occur at both the trial and appellate level courts. Often post-conviction challenges consist of claims a guilty plea was “involuntary”, as the law defines it; or, the trial lawyer did not provide “effective assistance of counsel”, which resulted in “prejudice” (harm) to the individual. Post-conviction relief also includes representing individuals who petition for lower sentences due to changes in sentencing laws.

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